The Advanced Verification and Assessment Service (AVAS) helps you master your web inquiries!

How does it work?

  • Create online forms in a simple interface
  • Leverage machine intelligence
  • Integrate into your web site with an easy link
  • Send instant assessment results to your prospect by email
  • Receive prospect segmentation and assessment result by email
  • Target high-value, profitable prospects
  • Integrate AVAS segmentation into your CRM

What is the benefit to your business?

  • Easy integration into your web site
  • Instant client satisfaction by sending results immediately to your prospect
  • Segment prospects automatically through leveraging AVAS' customisable machine intelligence
  • Reduce manual labour through automation of form validation
  • Dedicate your time to selling, rather than finding of high-value prospects
  • Increase revenue potential and reduce cost
  • Attain a competitive edge through increased service and fast turn-around of inquiries